Could you Benefit From Essential Oils?

Essential oils2


I have to be the first one to admit as an RN, I was not the one to think about essential oils for myself, my family or my patients.  I was firmly fixed on the scientific medical approach to medicine.  Of course, alternative medicines was covered in class as something Shamans, or Witchdoctors, or some lost Amazon tribe used but it certainly didn’t apply to our modern times.

I love the fact I like learning new things no matter what age I am. That I’m sure is what keeps me young at heart and mind. My body is aging which happens to all of us sooner or later.  I wished I had been exposed to essential oils many years ago. I would rather do a natural cure than take one more pill.

After vacationing with my girlfriend and actually observed and experienced essential oils in action. I began to do my own research and decided I would like to share this alternative with everyone. doTERRA is one of the two most reputable companies in the world of essential oil and all of their products are of a therapeutic grade.

Each doTERRA essential oil product has a variety of health-promoting components that are designed to be used in your everyday routine. Whether you are an exercise enthusiast, a supporter of natural beauty products, or an aspiring cook, or an advocate for healthy alternatives, essential oils might just be the product you are looking for.  Take this survey to see how doTERRA products could be useful in your everyday life.

  1.  Do you prefer to avoid the chemicals and synthetic scents found in standard household cleaners and laundry detergents? Would you use natural alternatives that power through grease and grime while leaving behind a refreshing scent?
  2. Are you interested in a natural product line that will keep your skin looking and feeling smooth, hydrated and youthful? Would you use natural skin care products that incorporate powerful essential oils that target visible signs of mechanical aging?
  3. Ar you seeking a solution to damaged hair or a distress scalp? Would you use hair care products that combine pure botanical extracts, CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, and the most advanced technological ingredients to optimize the healthy look of your hair and scalp?
  4. Is your diet providing you with the energy-boosting vitamins and minerals necessary for your health? Would you use a supplement formulated with essential nutrients and powerful metabolic factors designed to strengthen your health, energy, and longevity?
  5. Do you suffer from the occasional discomfort of menopause and aging?  Would you use a women’s product line containing natural plant extracts that support hormone balance or a blend of vitamins and minerals that promote bone health?
  6. Do you experience occasional digestive discomfort?  Would you use a product that helps support healthy organ cleansing and digestive health?
  7. Are you interested in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight without going on a fad diet that leaves you feeling hungry?  Would you enjoy a product line that promotes a healthy metabolism and helps manage hunger, but is simple to use?
  8. Do you enjoy a physically active lifestyle? Would you use a topical cream infused with a soothing blend of essential oils and formulated with natural plant extracts before or after a strenuous workout?
  9. Do you experience discomfort associated with occasional feelings of tension?  Would you use a proprietary blend of essential oils that provides a calming, soothing sensation to head neck and shoulders in a convenient roll-on bottle?
  10. During the winter season, do you look for ways to support and maintain a healthy immune system? Would you use a product that offers a fragrant, natural, and effective alternative for immune support through a powerful, proprietary blend of essential oils?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and your interested in finding out information about a particular oil go to  The site is full of information.  If you have any questions you can contact me anytime on FaceBook or direct email at

Everyone have a blessed day.


  1. Would love to find sales lady, Pat Defrese that sells Santa Fe oil from Tulsa,Ok..Please give me a call…Ready to buy…918-497-8873…Brenda Cosby…thank you!!!


    1. Hello Brenda, I received a message from you today and I have to admit i’ a little confused. Was the message to me or pat Defrese. I am a certified dealer with doTERRA oils. If your interested in my oils go to That will answer the a lot of your questions or you can call 918-264-7234. Have a great day.


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